Our message is clear to enhance the husbandry of livestock, camels, fodder trading & Cattle fresh and frozen meats, maintaining food security and national economy in the UAE by supplying the market with the finest fodder & meat products manufactured by the latest global technologies and systems that guarantee the highest levels of productive safety.


Quality is our top priority. It is not only an element that we consider important, as it is necessary that our company lasts in fodder trade market in the UAE. Social responsibility lies at the root of this issue.

Our company takes care of the selection of the best raw materials, the purification of impurities, treatment, checking the final product, quality assurance and storage in an environment that preserves the safety of the product.

At PACE International General Trading, we are committed to provide breeders and leaders of the livestock development with animal fodder that is of high quality and safety levels. Our fodder is also environment-friendly, free of contaminants and does not cause any harm to humans, animals, birds or other elements of the environment where we work and live in.

We also fulfill all fodder market requirements all over the UAE.

We are one of the quality suppliers of Rhodes Grass in the United Arab Emirates.We are leading sellers and exporters of good and quality Animal Feeds.Our products are 100% natural, hygienically packed under strict health conditions.We have large experience and know how in this field and we have the ability to supply up to 1000MT at once.

We are one of the Largest Exporters of Rhodes Grass from Pakistan to the Middle East.

The technology behind the company, its experts and engineers is to ensure the import and export of high-quality fodder that meet the requirements of the global market in terms of overall health and accuracy.

PACE International imports high quality fodder containing a high percentage of fiber. This fodder is especially designed for ruminants.

We also have luxury types of horse and camel fodder because they need more energy in their diet.

Our fodder is balanced and integrated, containing energy and nutrients from protein, carbohydrates, vitamins and minerals of exogenous source.

Providing a balanced and integrated fodder containing vitamins, which is the cornerstone in maintaining livestock and providing good health to the end consumer. From this point of view, PACE International is keen to provide integrated and balanced fodder for animals to maintain safety, to get strong and healthy newborns.

Our fodder contains the necessary nutrients for the growth of animals  and get the best yield, either meat production or production of milk and wool.

Quality control is prioritized and taken seriously. It is very important that we have a full dedicated section for this matter. This department ensures adherence to the highest standards and safety standards as well when testing and processing our products. This is done in a special factory/ laboratory that monitors all activities.



Shahab Khalid Abbas

Director – Business Development


Dr. Atif Murad


Azhar Khalid Abbas

Chief Executive Office


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Sales Manager

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Accounts Manager

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Business Development Manager


Muhammad Alam Rahim

Managing Director – PAKISTAN

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Procurement Manager – PAKISTAN

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Operations Director – TURKEY