PACE is proud to deliver high quality fresh fruits and vegetables from farm to your locality at a competitive price. Customer Satisfaction being our prime focus, we consistently innovate and adopt modernized approaches to keep up with the ever growing consumer needs.

Cold Storage

PACE believes in staying one step ahead to meet up the ever growing demands and needs of the industry and be aligned to the city’s vision of Expo 2020 and the expected boom in tourism, food and hospitality sectors in UAE.

We have a built in cold storage facility equipped with the latest refrigeration and food storage technology, that allows the products to breath and stay fresh for a longer period of time, ultimately increasing the shelf life of the product. With an extensive storage capacity along with additional tertiary space, generated using our state-of-the-art storage extension system,we are ready to meet the ever expanding market demands in the supply of fresh fruits and vegetables in the country and spread our wings beyond the region.

Supply Chain

PACE has an excellent supply chain and perfectly working systems and processes that ensures the produce are delivered in fresh condition and good packaging to our, customers at a reasonable price. Adopting Trace-ability System leads to control the coordination of the whole supply chain from production to distribution of the fresh products.

The concept of trace-ability has become a key element of PACE when dealing with fruits and vegetables safety, in technical terms and also to ensure better customer service.We are focusing on the process in which products follow through the supply chain and reverse the process which allows the products to be traced back up the chain.

Trace-ability remains the responsibility of our company, which extends throughout the whole supply chain.