The limestone with size (2-3mm) for feed industry is exploited directly from the Fujairah white stone-pit by blasting method. And then the material is washed and put into the jaw crusher and hammer crusher. The raw material was inspected again under supervision of operators, warehouse-keeper and KCS staff before being producted.

The qualified stone for production is not curbstone, no soil, no impurities and the size <30CM x 35CM x 40CM. Raw material is crushed preliminary by the jaw and hammer crusher system and then through the roller flight conveyor system to put into the sieving system to make good with required size – (2-3) MM

Packing:50kg/PPbag; 28 tons per container 20’ feet
Shipment :Will be shipped after 07-10 days from confirming LC or
receiving deposit.
Size= (2÷3)MMCaCO3
≥ 98.5%
Whiteness≥ 90 %MgO
≤ 0.68%
Brightness≥ 85 %Fe2O3
≤ 0.04%
Moisture≤ 0.2%SiO2
≤ 0.68%
Density2.7g/cm3Na2O Content≤ 0.16%
Oil absorption≥ 24g/100g CaCO3 TiO2 Content ≤ 0.004%
Loss on ignition content ≤ 43,08%